Website Statistics

Statistics Overview

This area will allow you to take a look at the visitor statistics for your website in detail via our collected server-side data. Please note that this will not track any activity while you are logged into your account - these are strictly external page statistics.

The information you see when first visiting this area is the Overview section displaying Page Views and Site Visits. Page Views display the number of times individual pages have been viewed. Site Visits report how many times people have viewed your website.

To view your statistics, go to 'SITE' > 'Statistics' in your SiteBlocks editor.

Page Views

In addition to the information shown on the Overview page, you can also take a more detailed look at your Page Views by clicking on the Page Views tab. This will allow you to take a closer look at your Page views for a shorter time period with a Daily Breakdown to show you Page Views and Site Visits by the day.

To view your statistics, go to 'SITE' > 'Statistics' > 'Page Views' in your SiteBlocks editor.

Top Pages

See which pages are the most popular with your visitors by viewing your top pages/

Within your top pages, you will find an 'Entry Visits' column referring to the entry page for a visit to your website. For example, if a visitor comes to your /about page via a Google search, then to your / (home) page that's 1 visit, 2 Page Views (one for each page) and the Entry Visit would be tracked on /about. This statistic is intended to help you see where people are coming to initially when visiting your site.

To view your statistics, go to 'SITE' > 'Statistics' > 'Top Pages' in your SiteBlocks editor.

Top Referrers

You can view referring information to find out where your visitors are coming from. This will help provide insight into how people are finding your website. For example, if another website is linking to your website which is bringing many visitors to your website, you should be able to see this here.

To view your statistics, go to 'SITE' > 'Statistics' > 'Top Referrers'  in your SiteBlocks editor.


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