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Link List Element

A Link List is used for adding navigation items in the form of lists of links. This Element works in the same way as the Primary NavBar element on the Toolbar with the ability to be added to any content section of your website.


Where to Find

This Element can be found in the "ELEMENTS" section of the Toolbar.


Adding to Website

After selecting this element, you will be able to choose exactly where you want to add it! You will see all available content locations it can be added to the current page only (content locations in orange, blue, or purple). 


Customizing your Link List 

You can add, delete, move, and rename the content for your Link List Element from the "Edit Menu Items" option in the Element Toolbar.

Link to a Page: Select a pre-existing page from your website to add to your Link List.

Link to a File: Add a file from your Photos and Media Manager.

Link to a Website: Paste in the complete URL of a different website.

Link to an Email: Have your visitors create an email addressed to your email in their local email client to contact you.

Link to Blog Page: Create a page for your blog or type in the existing URL.

Text only: Create a "non-clickable" text item. Great for labeling and organizing your Link List.


Arranging your Link List

Once you have created the items you would like to add to your link list, these will appear on the right side of the Navigation menu before saving. From here you can change the order of the items by dragging and dropping the items. To create a drop-down menu item, pull the item to the right when dragging it. You can remove this item from the drop-down by moving it to the left.


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