Advanced Blog Settings

To access your advanced blog settings to further customize your blog, go to "POSTS" > "Blog Posts" > "Settings".

Full Article Heading Style

You can adjust how your blog titles appear by selecting your prefered site-wide heading style. 

You can edit and view your site-wide headings from "DESIGN" > "Heading / Title Styles". Simply click on the corresponding headers (ex: H1, H2, H3, H4...) to view the current style for that type of header. You can adjust their appearance in the Site Wide Heading Styles editor. 

If you would like your Blog articles to display the H2 heading style, select 'Header 2' from the drop-down menu. 

Social Networking

You can choose to display your social networking account icons by selecting the corresponding drop-down menu options. Linking your accounts to the builder will allow the builder to access data with your social networking accounts. In some cases, this is necessary for the element to display content properly. Accounts can be removed by clicking the icon beside it from the Linked Accounts menu. To get started, click the 'linking your accounts' hotlink found in this section.

Date & Time Formatting

Choose how you would like your timestamps to display on your blog article posts. You can select from a large variety of formats via the Date format dropdown menu.

Blog Notifications

Enter your e-mail address in the input box to receive e-mail notifications when visitors leave a blog comment.

Blog Archive

Choose to display the full post or just a summary from the Blog Archive.


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