Twitter Follow Element

Collect followers to your Twitter page by adding this element! Once you link your channel to this element, your visitors can subscribe to you by clicking the button on your page.

Adding to Website

After selecting this Element, you will be able to choose exactly where you want to add it! Simply drag this onto a blue, orange, or purple ribbon that will appear when dragging the Element onto the page.

Connecting your Twitter Account

You will need to obtain the URL for your account. You can do this by navigating to your profile page and copying the link. Next, paste this link in your "Settings" found in the Element Toolbar under the Twitter URL field.


For more options for your Element, you can visit the following in the Element Toolbar:


  • Twitter URL: Paste your Twitter URL to connect it here. For more information see the Connecting your Twitter Account paragraph above.
  • Display Settings:  Toggle the button size and choose to display your follow count and/or Twitter Screen name.

Animate: You can add an animation for your Element. This will appear when the visitor first loads your page and the animation will display as your Element appears on the page.

Duplicate: To quickly add another Element, select the "Duplicate" option in the Element's toolbar.

Pin: You can optionally "Pin" the element to multiple pages to add consistency to the style of your website.


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