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What Are Blocks?

We welcome you to take a look at our extensive collection of pre-made blocks. Blocks are a great way to add both structure and style to your website. You can add blocks to the header, body, or footer block sections on your page.


Adding Blocks to a Page

To see our complete instructions on how to add Blocks to your website, please see our wiki article on Adding To A Page.


Blocks Categories

Blocks are organized into different categories. You can select from our pre-made blocks for the header, footer or body of your page. Some of these include pre-designed content for text, slideshows, maps and many of types of media.

To browse all Blocks click on the "BLOCKS" button in the main menu.

Click on a category under the "Choose a Block" menu to browse blocks. You can also use the scroll bar to browse or use the search bar located at the top to search for a particular block.


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