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In order for your website to appear in search results, it will need to be indexed first. This is accomplished through the use of an XML sitemap. A sitemap is a file that provides a 'road map' of all of the important pages in your website to ensure that Google will discover them when crawling the web.

Here at SiteBlocks, we automatically create a sitemap of your webpages and it is enabled by default. Over time, popular search engines such as Google will eventually locate and index your website using this sitemap. If you'd prefer not to wait, you can try submitting your website's sitemap manually by visiting the Google Search Console:

Once you claim your domain or website as property on the Google Search Console, you will be able to submit your sitemap URL through the Sitemap tab:

We also encourage you to check that your Sitemap in the Website Settings section of the editor is enabled (it is by default). For more information about managing your sitemap and how to access it, your can read our wiki article about Your Sitemap.

If you would like to create your own custom sitemap, you can learn more about writing sitemaps from the following support wiki by Google:


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