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If you would like to display a specific set of images in your Gallery, you can create a folder with those images and configure your Gallery to view this folder.

Creating a new Folder

If you already have uploaded the images that you would like to display in your Gallery, you can arrange them into a folder in the Photos and Media Manager. Simply click the "MEDIA" button in the main toolbar to open the Photos and Media manager and can create a new folder in the bottom left-hand side by clicking "Add New Folder". You can then drag and drop images into this folder (for more information on managing folders, please see the File Folders wiki).

Selecting a Folder to Display Images

If you would like to create a new folder and upload images from your computer, this can be managed from the Gallery. Simply navigate to your Gallery and click the cogwheel to see more menu options, from here go to "Images". Click "Upload Images" to select your folder from the down down menu or click "New Folder" to create a new one. In step 2, click the “Drop files to upload” region to upload files from your computer, or you can simply drag and drop files into this region.

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File Folders

File folders can be used to help keep your uploaded files organized. You can add files to multiple folders if necessary and files can be added or removed from folders at any time.

Where To Find

This area can be found in the "MEDIA" area on the Main Toolbar. File folder management options will be listed in the Manage Folders tab or on the left-hand side of the "Photo and Media Manager" screen.


Creating A New Folder

You can create a new folder in two places. From the Manage Folders tab creating a new folder can be done quickly by entering a folder name and clicking on the "Create Folder" button. 

From the left-hand side of the Photo and Media Manager screen click the "Create a New Folder" button, enter a folder name and click add.



Adding Files To A Folder

Individual Files:

To add an uploaded file to a folder, simply click and drag the file on top of the folder you wish to place it in.


Multiple Files:

To add multiple files to a folder, simply click each file listed in the main file area while holding the ctrl key (on a PC) or the command key (on a Mac), dragging to the folder when ready. 

The above image is an example of the appearance of multiple file selection. Note the count of selected files and the ability to remove them from the folder at the bottom of the image, and the highlighted current folder for these files.


Removing Files From A Folder

To remove a file or files from a collection, simply click on the file (or files using the method described above) listed in the folder and click the Remove Selected button. It will then revert to the Unsorted categorization or you can drag them to a different folder.

Editing and Deleting a Folder
  • Under the Manage Folders tab, clicking the Edit button will allow you to change the folder name.
  • You can create a new folder by clicking on the "Create Folder" button.
  • Clicking the folder name will allow you to view all files within that folder.
  • Clicking on the button will allow you to delete that folder.

Note: Deleting a folder will not delete the files within it. As a folder is only a means of grouping files, only the group is deleted in this process.



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Stock Photos

Adding A Stock Photo To Your Page

To add a stock photo to your page, choose your desired block that includes a photo, or add the image element to your website. Double click on the default image and a menu will pop up choosing where you would like to find your image. Choose Stock Photo Library, where it will bring up the stock photo tool where you may search for your desired open-sourced stock photo. Click on your desired image, and choose "use this image". 

You will now be taken to the photo editing tool, where you may make any desired changes. Once you are happy with your changes, select Insert Image. Your photo should have loaded into your web page.

Adding A Stock Photo To Your Library

You can save a stock photo to your library for later. To get started, simply go to "MEDIA" found in the Main Toolbar to open the Photos and Media Manager. Then you can browse and select a stock photo from the Stock Photo Library tab.


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