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Managing Redirects

Redirecting A Subdomain To A Custom Domain

Create a site-wide 301 redirect to redirect from one host to another. This can be useful if you want to redirect from your subdomain to a custom domain. To get started navigate to "SITE" > "SEO" > "Redirect" found in the main toolbar. Please note that this will take effect once you log out of your SiteBlocks website.

Select your domains from the following drop-down menus found under the "Redirect" tab in the SEO Manager:

Redirect from: Select the domain you would like to redirect from. When people visit this domain, it will direct to the TO domain.

Redirect to: This is the domain you would like to redirect to. This is the website people will see in the address bar when vising that website.

Removing Redirects

Note that redirects from "SITE" > "SEO" > "Redirect"  are permanent 301 redirects. This is a special type of redirect that is designed for long-term redirects. If you would like to remove this redirect, you still can with a few extra considerations.

To remove your redirect, clear the "Redirect to" and "Redirect from" fields by selecting the blank fields at the top of the drop-down list.

Please note that this change will not take effect until you log out of your browser. If the redirect is still in effect, you may need to clear your cache in your browser.

Renaming A Page With Redirects

If you are renaming a page on your website, it might be a good idea to add a page redirect. This way, if any of your visitors can still see your page if they try to access the old page address.

To rename your page, go to "PAGES" > Click the cogwheel icon next to your page > "Settings" to access the Page Settings Menu. You can rename your page without altering the URL by only editing the Page Title.

If you would like to update your page URL, you can alter the Page URL field to your new page name. Once you alter this field, an option will appear to "Redirect your old page", once you select this option your redirect will be put into place.

Setting your Default Home Page

You can change which page will be the first page your visitors see without setting any redirects. To achieve this, you can simply update the Default Home Page. To learn more about this please see out article on Changing Your Default Homepage.


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Display and organize your content on your website in creative and visually appealing ways by making use of Columns. Columns allow you to display multiple elements across a single row on your page.

Add your elements to the column containers to create visually appealing content with a custom layout.

Adding Columns

Browse different Column layouts in the Blocks list which can be found on the main toolbar when editing your website. You can choose from different column layouts, allowing anywhere from 1 to 7 different columns in a single row. To add the column, simply drag the column into a New Block or a New Row indicated by the purple or orange ribbons respectively.

To find empty columns simply go to BLOCKS in the main toolbar and drag in a column from the pre-made Blocks list.

Adding Content to Columns

Columns act as containers for Elements that you can add on your page. To add a new Element to a Column, drag the element of your choice into the column from the Element List or by clicking the blue “Add Content” button in the center of the column. You can also click-and-drag pre-existing elements from your page into the column by hovering your mouse over the element to grab the element by the “ “ symbol.
If you would like to change the element in the column, removing the element from the column will allow you to add another element in its place. Simply click “Remove” in the Element Toolbar to remove the current element.

Note: You can use a Spacer element to create empty space between multiple columns in a row. Simply drag in a Spacer element from the Element List.

Removing a Column

You can remove a column from a row and the content will adjust to equally fill in the remaining space.

Simply click “Remove Column” in the Blue Column Toolbar to remove the current element.

If your column is empty, click the red “X” in the top right of the column to remove it. 

Edit Column Style

You can style your columns by adjusting the spacing, background and and create borders for your columns in the Column Styles toolbar. To open Column Styles, this can be selected from the Column toolbar. Once you have styled your column to your liking, click “Save” to confirm your changes.


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