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RSS is a way for you to publish notifications of new blog entries. When your visitors subscribe to these feeds, they can read the new blog content in an RSS reader application. This is a great way to improve reader engagement and loyalty.

The XML file automatically syndicates new content through the above feeds in a standard format that displays in any RSS reader. 

NOTE: As of 2019 Firefox has discontinued built-in support for RSS readers. You may need to use Mozilla Thunderbird or an alternative browser to use an RSS feed extension.


Share your RSS Feeds

Your RSS Feed links for your blog are located in the Blog Settings found by going to "POSTS" > "Blog Posts" > "RSS". Under the General category, you will find links to your Blog's most recent posts or comments. You can also share specific feeds based on the category your posts were assigned to by sharing the specific links found under the Categories section.

To subscribe to an RSS feed, simply copy the RSS feed link and add it to a third-party RSS plug-in.

To share your RSS feed, you can create a Button and add your RSS feed link as the button link. If your visitor has an RSS reader, this should prompt the third-party RSS reader to subscribe to your blog feed.


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