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Creating Your First Website

This page will take you through the process of creating your first website builder site from the beginning, assuming you haven't already built a page. The purpose of this section is to break down the process step by step for those of you who would like help at each stage. We welcome you to browse the related articles listed above to help you get started.


Step 1: Choose a Template


Immediately after completing registration, you will be given the ability to select your Template. Simply mouse over the template you would like to use and click the "Install" button. 

Note: Please make sure you have chosen the template you like as this template is permanent and cannot be changed later.

When you hover your mouse over the template thumbnail, you will be presented with the option to "view as a preview" or "use this site" if you are sure you would like to use that template.


Step 2: Choose a Domain


You can create a website with a domain you have already purchased, or a new free SiteBlocks subdomain.


Step 3: Editing a Page


Now that you have become familiar with what makes up a website builder page and what tools are available to you, we can now modify it to suit your needs. Replace any imagery by double-clicking on the default photos. Replace any default text with your own. To change the site styles, like colors, fonts, buttons, etc. choose Design in the left side menu. Or add any extra Elements or Pre-built blocks from the left side menu.

For more details on adding elements and blocks, please see our article on Adding To A Page.


Step 4: Changing Your Navigation


To change the names of your pages to match your desired website, simply go to the left-side menu, where you will see Pages. You should see the list of all the current pages that are on your website. From here you can add a new page to your site, or hover over one of your pages until you see a cogwheel icon, move your cursor over the icon, and choose Settings. A new window will open, allowing you to rename the page that you clicked on. Save your changes and you're done.

To change the order of your web pages on the main navigation, hover over your navigation in the header of your website until you see the orange dropdown called "Nav Style 1".  Choose "edit menu items" and a new window will pop up listing all your current pages on your website. From here you may simply drag and re-order your pages, delete pages, or else edit your page labels.


Step 5: Viewing Your Site Statistics and SEO


Now that your site is live, you may want to view your website's statistics and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) every now and again. To do this select Site on the left side menu where you will be given all of your statistics and be able to choose your metatag keywords for SEO.

For more information on configuring your website SEO, please see our wiki article on Page Settings.

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