Paragraph Element

A custom element is used for text and/or images. It is for creating generic content blocks where you can place whatever content you wish.

Where to Find

This element can be found in the "ELEMENTS" section of the Toolbar listed under Content.

Adding to your Website

You will see all available content locations it can be added to the current page only (content locations in orange or purple). 

Editing your Paragraph

You can edit your paragraph by simply clicking on the paragraph in the Site Blocks builder. Customize your text, add links, images and more by utilizing the built-in toolbar.

Revision History

You can revert back to an older revision by selecting the 'Revisions' option from the Element's toolbar. From here, select a revision timestamp and then 'Select Revision'.

Customize your Content by Editing HTML

Prefer to work with HTML to customize your image or content? No problem! Simply select the "Edit HTML" option from the Element's Toolbar.

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