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Create or pick from our large selection of favicons to add a great final touch to your site! Adding a favicon to your website can help your visitors locate your website when they have a large number of open tabs or bookmarks in their browsers.


What is a favicon?

A Favicon is a small icon or picture that appears in your website's browser. These little icons appear to the left of your Website's title in the browser bar, or in your bookmark bar. You can select from a list of preset icons by clicking on "Select Icon", or upload one of your own (for best results, we recommend uploading a 512x512 pixel .png file or a .svg file). 

For example, this website has a cupcake favicon for a bakery website. Adding a favicon is not only a nice fine detail to add to your website, but it can also make it easy to find your website in their web browser.


How To Add A Favicon To Your Website

Adding a favicon to your website is easy with Site Blocks. Simply navigate to the Favicon settings in the Site-Wide Settings menu by going to "SITE" > "Site-Settings" > "FAVICON". From this menu, you can click on one of our favicons from the favicon library, or click the "Select File To Upload" button to upload your own favicon.


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