Adding A Site Manager

Want to allow another person to edit your SiteBlocks website without having to grant full-access to your full account? You can achieve this by adding them as a Site Manager right in your website. You can use our Site Manager's feature to grant multiple people the access to edit your website.

To grant other's access to edit your website, you can add them as a Site Manager with the following steps:

Step 1: Activate the Site Managers feature on your website

Firstly Edit your Site Builder website. In the Main Toolbar select SITE and then Site Managers from the sub-menu. If this is the first time you have visited this location you will need to press "Activate Site Managers" to begin.

Step 2: Add a Site Manager

Under the Site Manager menu click "Create A New User".

Fill in the Full Name, Email and Password of your Site Manager (this will be the site manager's log-in credentials) and click "Done" when complete.

Step 3: Invite your new Site Manager(s) to edit your website

Under the Manage Site Managers menu, there will be a invite link you can copy. Your new Site Manager can use this link to log-in to your SiteBlocks' website from here.


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