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Linking your Content

Adding links can help you share different types of content such as websites, images, or different pages on your website. You may want to add links to your paragraph elements, blog posts, or anywhere you are adding content. This article will guide you through the basics of how to create a link using our text editor.

You can link your content to many different locations. To get started, highlight the text you would like to add a link to, and then click the link icon in the text editor toolbar to add/update the link for your content.

From here, you can select from the following options:

Link to a Page: Select a pre-existing page from your website to add to your Button.

Link to a File: Add a file from your Photos and Media Manager.

Link to a Website: Paste in the complete URL of a website.

Link to an Email: Have your visitors send a message addressed to your email through their local email client to contact you.

Link to Blog Page: Create a page for your blog or type in the existing URL.


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